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Mr Danish Ali

October 11, 2021

the cases of Violence against women and harassment are rampant in the country. Despite the passage of several pro women laws, the objects of the said laws is yet to be gained. It is high time to raise voice in tandem with world organizations working for the empowerment of women to end this practice in letter and spirit.

Mrs Kausar bibi

September 28, 2021

Please make sure the implementation

Mr Muhammad Avais

August 31, 2021

I support campaign.

Mr Muhammad Umar Gul Buriro

August 28, 2021

The Aware Foundation (TAF) Pakistan Fully support this campaign to protect men and women workers in the world of work by ensuring safe and dignified workplaces, free from violence and harassment. Violence & harassment in the workplace affects employee’s productivity and the organization’s reputation. and build solidarity for the ratification of C190 and help millions of workers to work in a safe & healthy working environment Globally

Mr Muhammad Kamal

August 23, 2021

i m really interested to join this campaign.


August 16, 2021

Child is our proud and I am strongly refuses and against child labour of any type any where in society.

Mr sabir ali

August 5, 2021

i suppprt this compaign as specially in pakistan the upper rank officers harrase their under workers mostly.