Mr fazal Rehman

Gujjar Ittehad Council Welfare Association ® (GICWA) is Non-Governmental, Non Profitable, and Non-sectarian Organization (NGO), was established in

(migrated from Battagram, Mansehra and AJK, due to earth quake 2005) . GICWA registered under Government of Pakistan Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies(Registeration&Control) Ordinance 1961, in vide operation to District Battagram Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (the most backward and deprived district of Northern Pakistan).GICWA presently incorporated in District Battagram with the objective of providing Health Care, Quality Education, Social Justice, Livelihood, Women Empowerment and integrated services in the entire spectrum of development for uplifting the quality of life of the poor masses. GICWA has also been registered with KPK Govt. under the same Ordinance vide Registration #DSW/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/4179 dated 23.12.2014

To serve the humanity through positive change with all available resources, utmost ability, strength and shattered less belief, as the “Humanity Stands First” in all the religions and cultures.

Provide Health Care on easy approach of the poor people, quality education on affordable means, livelihood with dignity and social justice, peace & equality for everyone, through mutual cooperation of society and state, as these are the fundamental rights of the people without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social status.

 Transparency
 Competency
 Strong governance
 Accountability
 Integrity and Ability
 Ownership
 Continuous improvement
 Innovation
 Commitment
 Excellence
 Participation

 Provision of free Health Care to the population of remote and backward areas with proper awareness about prevention and control of diseases.(esp. in women and infants)
 Provision of affordable /free Educational and improving quality ofeducation.(esp. women
 Involved in participatory development at the grass-roots level.
 Provide platform to poor and marginalized people, and support them to take control of their own resources and livelihood to fulfill their basic needs
 Working for disabled persons to bring them on normal track of life.
 Working for Women empowerment and help them to participate every sphere of life
 Non-formal basic education, and vocational skills/training courses (esp. women)
 Protection of Environment for sustainable development and utilization of Natural Resources.
 Working for eradication of human rights violation and discrimination in all its forms.
 Advocacy for peace, equality and social justice (esp. women ).
 Conduct Surveys & Evaluations for improvement in sociallife.
 Income Generation , Microfinance and SME Development program
 Social Mobilization Program/Training to local community
 Community Development & Organization
 Planning, Implementation & Monitoring

 Women & Children
 Disable Persons
 Farmers, Peasants and labour
 Youth (esp. jobless)
 Students of Govt Institutes and Religious Madaras
 Local Govt Representatives
 Poor & Marginalized community group
 Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

Rights Based Approach to Programming is adopted so as to change stakeholders perception towards providing “help / assistance” to the downtrodden.
 The principle of “Community Participation” (Local Welfare Councils into Villages ) is promoted to ensure sustainability.
 The skills of youth & women are improved to enable their contribution in development activities.
 The implementation capacity of project partners as well as that of communities is enhanced to enable them to undertake village level development activities on an individual &/or collective basis.
 GICWA establishing linkages with Govt. and other NGOs , having common objectives and encouraging optimal utilization of community resources.